Quality Butterfly Koi, Standard Fin Koi for the value conscious consumers.
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Koi4you is here to help you understand a little more about Koi and to
have fun collecting and growing Koi.

With our 20 years of experience in hatching, raising and shipping quality
Koi, we can offer you the right Koi at the most reasonable prices.
27", 5 Yr. Old Goromo
28", 6 Yr.Old Hajiro
25", 5 Yr. Kin Ki Utzuri
26", 5 Yr.Old Showa

The most fun part of Koi hobby is in selecting and  growing your Tategoi.
Having fun is to be able to pick out young Koi and watch them turn into
mature beauties.

Like the Koi shown above, these Koi are all raised from one year old, in a  
26,000 gallon concrete pond for 5 to 6 years. They have turned out better
than expected.

If you are interested in buying Tategoi at most reasonable prices, please
visit our Web pages and contact us at
info@koi4you.com for more info.

Looking for Large Koi

For those of you who just want to own a collection of large Koi with a
limited budget, please contact us at

Visit our Morekoi web page for larger Koi.